Commercial property

Commercial property investments for greater returns

Investing in commercial property is a great alternative that can provide you with a range of benefits more traditional investments can’t. It’s a great investment option if you want to build your passive income with the potential for great returns.

Buying a commercial property outright often isn’t an affordable option. But commercial property has the potential to provide some of the biggest returns. Our commercial property funds give you the opportunity to enter the commercial property market without needing a large deposit. And we only offer high quality assets to maximise your returns.

Uptain - Commercial property

Benefits of commercial property investing with Uptain

Our highly experienced team of commercial property specialists help you strengthen and diversify your property portfolio with our commercial property funds.

  • Affordable entry into the commercial property market with lower investment amount.
  • Commercial properties are professionally managed, saving you time and hassle.
  • We only source commercial properties with excellent investment opportunities.
  • Commercial investment gives you diversification across your investment portfolio.

    How to invest

    It’s easy to start investing in commercial property investment with Uptain. But you understand what you’re investing in and that it’s the right choice for you. Follow these steps to invest:

    1 Set clear goals

    Ask yourself why are you investing and what do you want to achieve? Are you looking to diversify your property portfolio and receive a regular monthly income stream?

    2 Balance risk with return

    All investments have risks, so it’s important you understand what they are..

    • Property investment risk – The Fund’s returns may be affected by a number of factors. Such as the demand by tenants for retail space in the property, rental income levels, tenants’ ability to service the rental payments, the supply of new retail space in competition with the property’s retail offerings, capital expenditure and ongoing expenses for maintenance and repairs, costs and losses associated with natural disasters, or other disasters or events outside of the Investment Manager’s reasonable control. These factors may affect the ability of the Investment Manager to achieve the investment strategy of the Fund.
    • Liquidity risk – The major asset of the Fund is a real estate asset. Real estate, by its nature, is an illiquid investment. Depending on prevailing conditions, it may be difficult for the Trustee to dispose of the Property either prior to or at the end of the investment term in a timely manner or at an optimal sale price. This may affect the Investment Manager’s ability to return capital to Investors and may reduce the Unit value.
    • Borrowing risk – A fall in the value of the property or net property income could result in a breach of a borrowing covenant under the debt facility. If there is a default under the debt facility, the financier may enforce its security against the property and, amongst other things, sell the Property. The borrowings of the Fund are limited recourse, meaning recourse extends only to assets of the Fund. The Fund will be subject to the terms and conditions of the debt facility, including key covenants. Breaches of these covenants or any other default of terms may enable the financier to enforce its rights against the Trustee or the property or both.
    • Valuation risk – The value of the property may be adversely affected by a downturn in real estate market conditions or the underlying performance of the property. There is no guarantee that the property or investors will achieve a capital gain or that the property will not fall in value relative to the current valuation.
    3 Chat with the Uptain team

    We can answer any questions you have and discuss your investment options.

    4 Set up an online account

    Set up an online account with us so you can easily manage your investments.

    5 Read our Information Memorandum (IM)

    Our IM has lots of information to help make your decision about investing easier.

    6 Add funds to your account

    Your money will be securely held in trust until you’re ready to start investing.

    7 Choose the property

    you want to invest in from our current investment projects.