Uptain - Invest on Real estate mortgage

What is Uptain Select Income Fund?

    Uptain’s Select Income Fund is dedicated to providing discerning investors with targeted fixed income returns through carefully selected and professionally managed loans.

    Uptain is an AI-driven non-bank credit provider and manager, specializing in crafting personalized loan solutions for business owners, expatriates, and beyond.

    Our Investment Manager endeavors to deliver investors targeted fixed income returns by strategically investing in loans primarily directed towards funding various aspects of commercial and residential property ventures.

    Who Can Invest in the Fund?

    Wholesale Investors

    Select Income Fund - CLASS A

    CLASS A is designed to unveil a new and promising investment opportunity within the Select Income Fund. Targeted towards both new and existing investors, the purpose of CLASS A is to provide comprehensive information regarding this distinct class of Units within the Fund.

    Why Invest with Uptain?

    ✓ Target Fixed Income Returns
    ✓ Invest in Loans for Property, Capital, and More
    ✓ Capital Raised in Different Classes
    ✓ Transparency through Supplementary Information Memorandum
    Adherence to Established Investment Principles
    ✓ Diversification in Asset Types

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