The smart choice for flexible and tailored loans for business owners and expats looking to obtain your goals.

Uptain – the non-bank lender who’s on your side

Securing a loan isn’t always easy for business owners and expats. But all that is now in the past. You’re in safe hands with our clear and to the point property backed commercial and residential loans to business owners.

If you’re a business owner looking for fast and easy loan solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs, it’s time for us to chat.

Supportive and friendly financial experts helping business owners and overseas investors secure tailored loans.

Our advanced technology gives buyers access to unique loans to match their circumstances without lengthy delays.

We’re a non-bank lender working directly with the distribution network to give business owners a tailored solution.

Fast, flexible and affordable loans

We’re committed to helping businesses and expats achieve their business or home ownership goals with the right loan products. We’re proud to offer home, commercial, SMSF and specialised loan products.

AI technology for faster loan matching and approval

Faster, easier and cheaper loan process

Tailored loans. No one-size fits all.

Specialise in helping non-resident investors and SME owners

Fintech powered lending platform

Property backed loans with conservative LVR

The way Australia does business is changing. More Australians than ever are self-employed or operate small to medium businesses. And that means you need a different approach to getting finance than what the big banks offer. With our unique technology backed approach, we’re ready to support you to secure a loan more simply.

Get in touch with our broker network who are best equipped to provide a suitable product to fit your individual needs.


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