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Here at Uptain it’s our great relationships with our partners that sets us apart. We work closely with our trusted network to develop tailored solutions for business owners and expats. Which allows you to provide the best service and loan options

A lending partner you can trust

When you choose a lending partner you need to know that your customers are with someone you can trust. With our Australian based support team, you can relax knowing you’ll be able to get in touch with our relationship managers who are available for scenarios, accreditations, and specialised loan product training.

As a non-bank lender who specialises in the unique needs of business owners and expats, we understand their needs better than the big banks. Allowing us to provide loan options that assist in saying ‘yes’ to loan approvals more often.

Uptain - A lending partner you can trust

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Simple steps to get started


Start your accreditation form

To get the ball rolling, you need to provide us with some details by submitting an accreditation form.


Get approved

We’ll assess the information you’ve provided, confirm any other details we need and get you approved.


Receive training

We offer in-house or online training to get you up to speed on our product offering to give you the confidence to start referring.


Start submitting applications

Submit applications for your business and expat clients and receive fees for each settled loan.


Your questions answered

Where can I ask about a client’s lending scenario?

If you have a customer where you’re not sure which of the Uptain offerings are right for them, give us a call. We will talk through our eligibility criteria and give you clarity on whether we are best placed to assist your customer.

What is your current Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

SLA’s will vary depending on the volume of deals we have. Our baseline commitment is to turn around conditional approvals within one to two business days. A similar timeframe would apply for formal approvals.

What is required to be accredited?

It is mandatory that you have your own ACL, as well as sign an introducer agreement with us. In the event that you are a credit representative, you will need to obtain your aggregator’s consent to work “off-panel” and sign an introducer agreement with us.