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Australia’s Housing Market’s Impact


The Reserve Bank of Australia is having trouble keeping inflation within its desired range because the costs of renting and building new homes are going up quickly.

Even though overall prices haven’t changed much, the prices for renting homes have hit the highest point in ten years, and building new homes is still expensive. These two things affect how much everyday items cost for people.

Experts think that rents will keep going up and building new homes won’t get cheaper anytime soon. If these trends continue, they could add almost 1% to the inflation rate. That means other things people buy would have to stay at a certain price to balance it out, but that’s hard because some other prices, like insurance, are also going up.

Australia's Housing Market's Impact | Uptain
Australia's Housing Market's Impact | Uptain

Big companies that make building materials are raising their prices too because it’s costing them more to make their products. For example, Boral raised the prices of gravel and concrete, and Adbri increased prices across its products. James Hardie also raised prices for its building materials.

So, even though there’s some hope that prices might not go up as fast in the housing sector, it’s still a big challenge for the Reserve Bank to keep inflation in check, and it affects everyone.

Despite challenges posed by increasing rents and home construction costs, experts believe that the Reserve Bank of Australia can still reach its inflation target of 2.5%. They suggest that by keeping growth rates low in other areas of consumer spending, the impact of housing inflation can be balanced out. Global trends in goods prices offer some relief, leaving room for adjustments in other parts of the economy. There’s hope that rent inflation may decrease as population growth stabilizes over time.

However, the construction industry faces ongoing difficulties, such as finding workers and sourcing materials, especially in regional areas. High demand for rentals and continuous lease hikes indicate that rent prices are unlikely to decrease anytime soon. Though there’s potential for construction costs to stabilize, challenges persist due to limited capacity in the industry.

Overall, while the road to achieving the inflation target may be bumpy, there are avenues for managing the current economic challenges and keeping inflation in check.


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