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How Are Borrowers Coping with High Interest Rates?

Recent data shows that four out of five borrowers have tightened their budgets to manage…
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What Makes New Homes So Attractive to Buyers?

Property views for new homes have surged by 9% this year compared to last year,…
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Why Affordable Homes Are Hot

Securing a home has become harder due to rising prices and reduced borrowing capacities. Many…
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Is Victoria’s Property Market Meeting the Needs of First-Time Buyers?

In the first three months of 2024, more foreign investors bought properties in a new…
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May Housing Market Report

Mid-sized capitals in Australia are experiencing notable growth in home values. In May, home values…
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Estimating Your Super before Retirement

Determining how much superannuation you'll need for retirement hinges on two main factors:
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How Cash Rates Drive Housing Dynamics | Uptain

How Cash Rates Drive Housing Dynamics

The transmission of monetary policy through cash rate changes to mortgage rates is a critical…
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The Surging Wave of Dwelling Values Across Australia

Following a 7.5% decline from April 2022 to January 2023, the national housing value index…
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Australia's Housing Market's Impact | Uptain

Australia’s Housing Market’s Impact

The Reserve Bank of Australia is having trouble keeping inflation within its desired range because…
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House Check: What's changed for 2024? | Uptain

House Check: What’s changed for 2024?

ANZ, a major bank, has adjusted its predictions for house prices in Sydney and Melbourne…
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