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    I’m self employed, can I apply for an Uptain loan?

    Absolutely. In fact, we’re well experienced in loans for self employed business owners and expats.
    Generally speaking, you’ll need to provide to one of our Uptain partners:

    • your registered ABN
    • have been self-employed for greater than 2 years
    • provide your most recent business tax return and your most recent personal tax return together with the notice of assessment
    • be registered for GST If your turnover is more than $75,000p.a.
    • have a good credit history
    • meet our standard eligibility criteria
    What is a comparison rate?

    A comparison rate is a rate that must be displayed next to the interest rate being offered by a lender. It’s there to give you a more accurate picture of the loan you’re considering with some of the costs included.

    A comparison rate is calculated by adding any fees and charges to the interest rate and then converting that figure to a percentage rate.

    What is borrowing power?

    This is a measure of your ability to borrow funds. Essentially, it shows how much you can afford to borrow while being able to meet your other financial obligations. Working out your borrowing power will take into account your income, current loans and liabilities, credit cards and their limits, and living expenses.

    How are my repayments calculated?

    We take your loan amount, add the total amount of interest we’ll charge over the life of the loan, and then divide that total up evenly into a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly amount based on the length of your loan term.

    Do you offer pre-approval?

    If you have not selected a property as yet but you are planning to purchase within the next month or so, we offer conditional approval, which is based on everything we can assess without knowing your property. Once you receive conditional approval, you’ll have 60 days before the application lapses and you’ll need to resubmit your financials.

    When you find a property, we’ll do some checks on the property to complete your assessment and in most circumstances full approval will be granted from there.

    Can I get the First Home Owners Grant?

    If you’re a first home buyer, the answer is probably yes. The amount and eligibility criteria for the First Home Owner Grant varies per state, so the best place to get the most up to date information is by visiting the government website


    What’s a first registered mortgage?

    This is a loan over real property where the lender ranks first ahead of other creditors in claims or entitlements over the property. Each first-registered mortgage is a stand-alone investment in a property fund.

    What type of mortgage property funds does Uptain offer?

    Our investments are focused on residential property developments and commercial property loans.

    How stable is my capital investment?

    While all investments carry a degree of risk, capital stability is one of our key investment focus areas which we aim to achieve. The way we seek to achieve this is that our property funds invest in first registered mortgage loans. We also carry out a rigorous amount of research, including credit assessments, analysis of pre-sales and reviewing LVRs before making lending decisions.

    How can I track my investment?

    Once you invest with us you’ll be asked to create an account login and will have access to statements, progress information and details about other investment opportunities.