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Select Income Fund

The opportunity

The Fund is a wholesale managed investment scheme offering a choice of professionally managed secured mortgage loan investments for the purpose of funding the acquisition and development of commercial and residential properties in Australia. The Fund offers the opportunity to gain direct exposure to specific loans secured by first or second ranking mortgages over real properties. Investors will have the option to invest in specific individual loans or a pool of via various Classes of the Fund.
The underlying loans pf the Fund will be sourced and managed by the experienced team of Mountain Funds Pty Ltd (Fund Manager).


The key benefits of investing in the Fund include:

  • a regular income stream will be paid to investors, depending on the terms of the relevant loans;
  • investors will have the opportunity to access and take advantage of the Fund Manager’s experience in managing loans;
  • investors will be able to choose the loan(s) that they invest in via investing in a specific Class of the Fund.
  • investors will gain mortgage security over real property for the loan invested in; 


Key risks relating to the Fund includes:

  • risk of defaults in relation to loans of the Fund. Investors may not recover the full amount invested for the underlying loan; and
  • no liquidity in your investment in the Fund. Investments can only be repaid on maturity or termination of the underlying loan.
Fund management

Mountain Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 644 362 425, a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 529560), is the Trustee of the Fund (Trustee). The Trustee will be responsible for holding title to the Fund’s assets for the benefit of the investors. The Fund Manager will be responsible for monitoring and attending the day-to-day management of the underlying loans of the Fund.

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